Seed Scientific is a new type of consultancy for a new era.

The Seed Way

In the past, companies and governments turned to consultants armed with white papers and post-it notes to solve their most critical challenges. The world our clients face today is faster and more complex than ever before; it takes a new lens and new tools to stay ahead. Seed Scientific is the first data-centric consultancy. We leverage Big Data to craft solutions, fuel innovation, and improve decision-making for clients around the world in the commercial, public, and social sectors.

We are scientists, mathematicians, designers, and engineers — and blur the lines between these disciplines to get the most out of data. We embrace and take advantage of complexity; it frames how we think, distinguishes our work, and ensures our solutions reflect reality.

Welcome to Seed.

→ Maximizing Return on Data

  • Surfacing new insights through visualization
  • Applying new mathematical techniques to reveal new patterns
  • Combining data from multiple sources to generate new knowledge
  • Structuring data to maximize lifetime value within an organization
  • Making the right data available to the right people at the right time
  • Supporting decision-making with visualizations of real-time data
  • Tracking multi-dimensional performance with next-generation BI
  • Identifying new relationships in Big Data

→ Solving Complex Problems with Data

  • Detecting anomalies
  • Modeling risk and identifying blind spots
  • Measuring market sentiment
  • Improving product development
  • Strengthening supply chains
  • Getting more value from market research
  • Making the design/innovation process smarter
  • Planning investments
  • Analyzing post-launch performance
  • Maximizing public participation in political decision-making

Our Clients

Some testimonials from across the commercial, public, and social sectors:

"Seed Scientific translated a vision designed by policy experts into reality. [Their] work has been both innovative and visionary... and we have received many accolades for the work from across the spectrum of Member States, UN, civil society and private sector. Seed has been a true partner in the [Post-2015 Millennium Development Goals] process and has delivered solutions with speed and accuracy."

Corinne Woods, Director, United Nations Millennium Campaign

"The Seed team has consistently demonstrated powerful knowledge, a strong work ethic, and a dedication to success. [Seed's] efforts have produced high quality results time and time again."

Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, GE

"I sincerely hope I am able to take part in additional projects in the future that make use of Seed's expertise and high level of competence."

Ambassador André Aranha Corrêa do Lago, Ministry of External Relations, Government of Brazil

To request a case study, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and share more information.