We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists, mathematicians, designers, and engineers.

Many of us would be happy spending our days reading about artificial intelligence, complexity, and unified theories. And for some, thatʼs all in a dayʼs work. Others view science as a way of understanding the systems that make up our world and are at Seed to develop new tools to model and interact with these systems. And others see in science knowledge that can improve the state of the world – our cities, buildings, courtrooms, and governments – and are at Seed to help others see the same.


Are you a scientist or mathematician interested in applying your knowledge and skills to tackle data-rich human-scale problems?

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Design & Engineering

Are you a designer interested in playing with data and creating interfaces to navigate real-world complexity? Are you a gifted programmer interested in working on problems that matter?

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We see science as the way forward. Science makes us smarter, healthier, more humble, more inspired, better citizens, and better prepared for the 21st century — and we are all at Seed to spread this idea. You will be part of a world-class team that is aggressively pursuing a big mission, and experience the intensity, collaboration, and fulfillment that brings. If you are interested in joining Seed, look at our current openings or submit a general application to one of our teams.


Are you both business-savvy and socially-minded and interested in helping to grow a company that exists 100 years from now?

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Internships & Fellowships

Are you a student or recent graduate in science, mathematics, design, or architecture interested in exploring future career or research paths?

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