About Us

Seed Scientific is a recruitment hub that strives to provide excellent connections between job seekers and employers in the field of science.

We aim to attract the premier talent in the field and match them up with well-suited employers in order to create the most desirable synergy between job pool and talent in the marketplace.

Here at Seed Scientific, we have created an efficient vacancy listing system, one that allows us to link the right talent with the right employer.

Through rigorous testing and commitment to excellence, we have turned talent acquisition and vacancy advertising into an art form, making the process easy and organic for both employers and job seekers.

With multiple options available to our users, we make it possible for quick and effective hiring to become a reality instead of a pipe-dream.

Our Story

We were born out of necessity. After many years of experience in the industry, our co-founders identified a glaring gap.

They found that although many job sites existed, they were ineffective in practice.

This is because the industry was laden with websites that were nothing more than job pools of vacancies, all arranged in a manner that was messy at best.

As a result, many employers were missing out on meeting the right type of candidates, ones that would otherwise have easily fulfilled their needs.

Seed Scientific was created to be unique. We were created to provide a hub – one that unites the right companies with the right candidates. We didn’t want to create a simple collection of vacancies for people to sift through. Instead, we took great efforts to create and function as a dynamic resource for both employers and talent – a place where both parties could have their needs effectively met.

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Whether you’re an employer looking to list a vacancy with us, or a talented professional looking for work, or you just have a comment or suggestion you’d like to share at [email protected], we look forward to hearing from you!