28 Shocking Drone Statistics


You’re at an open-air concert. It hasn’t started yet, so you’re just talking with friends, enjoying yourself.


What the hell is this sound?

Bzzzz. Bzzzz. Bzzzz.

Oh. It’s a drone. 

Those are everywhere nowadays.

The drone statistics show that the industry is growing very fast. There’s even a chance that drones will take over the sky if it not strictly regulated! 

There are lots of commercial drone uses in the States. At the same time, drones are being used for industry, army, and governmental needs. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the most important and most interesting facts about drones.

10 Most Important Drone Facts (Editor’s Choice)

  • In 2016, there were 2.4 million hobby drones sold.
  • The drone industry growth is 20.5%.
  • There are more than 116.000 unregistered drones used in America.
  • Drones increase construction safety by 55%.
  • Properties with a drone made pictures are being sold 68% faster.
  • Surveying 12-acre property cuts the expenses to 98% using drones.
  • It’s proven that drones saved at least 133 lives around the world.
  • The annual revenue in the drone industry by 2025 is projected to be $82.1 billion.
  • Around 1 million people are involved in drone usage in the US.
  • Photography businesses are most involved in drone commercial industries – 47% of them took part in it.

Most Important Drone Stats and Facts

1. The first official use of a drone was in 1989.

Fun fact:

‘’Drone” does not only mean a flying object. All that is conducted from afar or without human presence is considered a “drone”. 

So, we can say that Nikola Tesla’s autonomous boat that was conducted using radio waves was the first drone developed.


2. The largest drone provider in the US is DJI with 36% of the market.

The Chinese company DJI has an enormous drone market size statistics say. They hold 36% of the American market and 60% of the global market. They are a pioneer in this industry and the biggest player in drone making.


3. The business and the government spent $13 billion on drones.

The drone business statistics say that businesses and the government spent a total of $13 billion on drones. The benefits of the drones being used in business and government needs are obvious, but their spending is no way near those of the commercial drone sales statistics.

(Goldman Sachs)

4. The minimum age for flying a drone legally is 16 years.

There are 3 conditions to get a drone flying certificate. Be 16 years of age, pass an aeronautical test, and undergo a security screening. More than 13.000 got the license and fall in the official drone user stats.


5. In 2017 there were around 385 drone accidents in the USA.

The drone accident statistics showed 385 accidents involving drones in 2017. This is one of the reasons why the officials want to limit their use and make their use controlled by state officials.


6. There around 2 million drones in the US.

The drone facts say that there around 2 million crafts in the US. No one can tailor precise drone statistics because there are lots of flying objects that are not registered and are being used recreationally. There are 1,509,617 drones registered for commercial and recreational use, but there are many unregistered. That’s why US drone statistics are not the easiest to calculate. 


7. The drone market was worth $18 billion in 2018.

In 2018 the market was worth $18 billion. But the drone market growing facts say that by 2024 it will worth around $43 billion.

(PR NewsWire)

Drone Statistics - photo

Statistics for Commercial Drone Use

8. The surveying costs of companies can be reduced for up to 98%.

The agricultural drone usage statistics say that 12-acre land can be overlooked and controlled by a drone instead of the traditional way. This will save the business 98% of the expenses. 


9. By the year 2020, it’s expected the number of commercial drones to reach 420.000.

Even though the US drone use statistics say that in 2016 there were only 42.000 registered commercial drones in the US, this number is expected to grow 10 times by the end of 2020.


10. The number of jobs operating drones in the industry will reach 422.000 by 2021.

In order for drones to fly, there must be someone to operate them. To avoid drone accidents, companies will need to hire professionals. The statistics about drone accidents in the US say that every month there are more than 20 near accident situations. 

So, we need someone to take control, like, asap. 

(Motley Fool)

11. 79% of buyers over the internet would agree to get delivery by a drone.

Almost 8 out of 10 people, according to drone industry stats, say that they’d agree to get a package bought online delivered by a drone.


12. The future of delivery is in the drones.

In the future, we’ll see the drone delivery retail statistics go through the roof. Based on the specs and financial benefits, this not that far away, actually. The drone delivery facts say that they can get the package to the client’s door in less than 30 minutes.


13. 53% of people think that drones are environmentally more friendly in delivering packages.

When it comes to drone delivery statistics, more than half of the people think that using drones is good for the environment. The drone delivery stats also say that 57% of them think the packages will get where they’re going faster.


14. The drone statistics in the United States industry is worth around $127 billion.

The entire industry is worth just a little less than $130 billion. The delivery drone stats, along with those in agriculture, construction, and all the other industries put together make this number possible.


15. The agricultural drones market is worth $32 billion.

A large piece of the already mentioned 127 billion belongs to the agriculture industry. The statistics for drone use in agriculture say that drones help the people surveilling these large grounds tremendously. 

(Motley Fool)

16. Drone Deploy has over 100 million drone pictures online.

Drone Deploy claim that they have 100 million pictures online. Aside from pics, they do drone surveillance. They have millions of acres covered so far.

(Drone Deploy)

17. Around 25% of construction sites are covered by drones.

The construction professionals realized the benefits of drones almost immediately. Almost 25% of all construction sites in the US are covered with drones. Based on construction drone facts, the worth of drones in construction is around $5 billion.


Drone Statistics - drone

Facts About Governmental Drone Use

18. All Facts about drones say that in 2020 the market will be worth $100 billion.

Industrial, governmental, and military drone statistics suggest that the market reached $100 billion as the year 2020 started. 

(Goldman Sachs)

19. Drones for the military first started flying in the 90s. 

One of the most interesting military drone facts says that they were first used in the early 90s of the last century. According to the drone strikes statistics, the attack on Serbia was the first time the Army used them in a war.

(The Guardian)

20. The ministry of defense spends $17.5 billion on drones.

Imagine how it is to win a war without even being present on the field!

Drone sales statistics for the government say that they spend almost $18 billion on this. The benefits are enormous, though. 

Not only on the battlefield but in the city too, police drone statistics say.

(Goldman Sachs)

21. The US Army owns around 11.000 combat drones.

Amnesty International is now conducting drone war crime statistics

The Army uses them in their missions around the world. The drone strikes stats show impressive results. The predictions are that in the next 10 years, the USA will buy 1000 UAVs more.

(The Guardian/Wikipedia)

22. The most affordable army drone is worth $15 million.

According to the experts’ little known drone facts, the most affordable drone is worth $15 million. With a couple of billion spent, the US army is logically on top of the number of drones among all countries in the world.

(The Guardian)

23. In 2015, a drone broke the White House security.

Even though the White House is one of the best-guarded locations in the world, on January 29th, 2015, the drone incidents statistics reported another case of a hobbyist crashing his private drone in the yard. 


Drone Statistics - image

Drone Crash Stats

24. Among all the drone crashes in the world, the US Army is responsible for 70%. 

As part of the bad drone statistics, a survey made by Drone Wars UK says that 70% of the army drone crashes in the world are US-owned.

(Drone Wars UK)

25. 90% of all who are tested for drone flying license pass.

Even though the facts about drone registration say 9 out of 10 people pass the license test, the news is always full of drone injury statistics. The number of drone collision, and statistics about how many drones crash is not clear enough. There are lots of unreported cases and there’s the military who’s not reporting all their incidents. That’s why we can’t have an exact number.


26. The drone repair market is going to reach $92.5 million by 2026.

According to ResearchAndMarkets.com and their drone repair statistics, the market is going to reach almost $100 million by the second half of this decade. The drone sales statistics in the United States are going up which means repairing them will also go up. This info is on officially sold items, but since we don’t know how many drones are in the US that were constructed privately, we can’t make clear data of it.


27. The FAA is starting tougher drone registrations to prevent accidents.

All drone statistics of 2019 suggest that the drones must be regulated more. The FAA is soon going to raise the drone rates for registration and ask all drone users to implement devices that will enable tracking by the authorities.

(The New York Times)

28. There are 25 reports of drones flying too close to aircraft monthly.

Some of the most interesting drone facts are the reports of drones flying too close to commercial airplanes. The stats of drone use in the States says there are more than 4 million flying objects so we can say that this is more or less expected. Still, these are not a part of the official incidents list. However, caution is advised as these air travel statistics suggest.



Drones are everywhere these days. 

Next time you’re at a concert or at any type of open-venue event, just look up and you’ll see what I mean.

The drone statistics show some outstanding industry growth so far. Drone toy facts say they are being sold by millions and people completely love them. On the other hand, industries benefit a lot from them. They save lives, help companies grow, and their use will be much better effectuated in the near future. The future is promising to be really exciting, no doubt.


How many drones are sold each year?

In 2016, drone technology statistics reported 2.4 million objects sold to hobbyists. Together with the rest, the number was above 3 million.

How many registered drones are in the US?

The drone facts and figures show over 900.000 registered users and over 1.25 million units. The toy drone facts and stats are excluded from this.

How many drones were sold in 2018?

Based on the drone flight statistics of PhilliByAir, in 2018 there 2 million drones sold.

What is the drone market worth?

In 2018, the drone statistics show that the market was worth $14 billion. The drone usage is expected to jump to $43 billion by 2024.