How Long Is an F1 Race: Covering All Tracks and Race Distances

Formula One is a popular sport among racing fans and automotive enthusiasts, so some people find themselves interested in learning more about it. One of the most common questions fans have is regarding the length of an F1 race.

Learn about the laps and race distances of all tracks in the current and former Formula 1 calendar.

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  • What’s the Most Number of Laps in a Single F1 Race

How Long Does an F1 Race Last

An average F1 race length is around 90–100 minutes. There is a time limit on the races set at 120 minutes—the reason is, partially, that the fuel in cars is enough to last around that timeframe, and it’s not refilled during the race.

There are certain exceptions to this. If the race is red-flagged, then the limit moves to three hours. In this case, the end of the race is marked with waving flags at any point on the circuit.

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What Distance Does an F1 Race Cover

The minimum race distance in a Formula One competition is 305 kilometers or 190 miles. The length of an average Formula 1 track is, therefore, usually somewhere between 305 and 309 kilometers.

The only exception to this rule is the Monaco Grand Prix, where the overall racing distance is slightly lower at 260.286 kilometers.

Monaco GP

How Many Laps Are in an F1 Race Today

In Formula 1, most circuits demand a different number of laps per race due to the deviations in the track lengths.

The race with the least laps is at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, where cars must complete 44 laps.

On the other hand, the most laps are driven around Monte Carlo with 78.

Abu Dhabi GPYas Marina Circuit5.554 km305.355 km55
Australian GPMelbourne Grand Prix Circuit5.303 km307.574 km58
Austrian GPRed Bull Ring4.318 km306.452 km71
Azerbaijan GPBaku City Circuit6.003 km306.049 km51
Bahrain GPBahrain International Circuit5.412 km308.238 km57
Belgian GPCircuit de Spa-Francorchamps7.004 km308.052 km44
Brazilian GPAutodromo Jose Carlos Pace4.309 km305.879 km71
British GPSilverstone Circuit5.891 km306.198 km52
Canadian GPCircuit Gilles Villeneuve4.361 km305.270 km70
Chinese GPShanghai International Circuit5.451 km305.066 km56
Dutch GPZandvoort4.259 km306.648 km72
French GPCircuit Paul Ricard5.842 km309.690 km53
Hungarian GPHungaroring4.381 km306.630 km70
Italian GPAutodromo Nazionale di Monza5.793 km306.720 km53
Japanese GPSuzuka5.807 km307.471 km53
Mexican GPAutodromo Hermanos Rodriguez4.304 km305.354 km71
Miami GPHard Rock Stadium Circuit5.410 km308.370 km57
Monaco GPCircuit de Monaco3.337 km260.286 km78
Qatar GPLosail International Circuit5.380 km306.660 km57
Russian GPSochi Autodrom5.848 km309.745 km53
Saudi Arabia GPJeddah Street Circuit6.175 km308.750 km50
Singapore GPMarina Bay Street Circuit5.063 km308.706 km61
Spanish GPCircuit de Barcelona-Catalunya4.655 km307.104 km66
United States GPCircuit of the Americas5.513 km308.405 km56

What Are the Shortest and Longest F1 Races

How long is the longest F1 race? The longest F1 race in 2022 was supposed to be at the Sochi Autodrom in Russia, where the overall racing distance is 309.745 kilometers. Drivers complete 53 laps around the track 5.848 kilometers long. The race got canceled, but it will probably be back on the calendar in the future.

Regarding shorter circuits, Monaco Grand Prix falls short of the mandatory minimum of 305 kilometers.

With a long and luxurious history, the FIA makes an exception for this popular street track every year. The race distance covered in Monte Carlo is just above 260 kilometers.

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What Is the Longest F1 Circuit

The longest track in an F1 calendar is the Belgian Grand Prix at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. It’s 7.004 kilometers long, with only 44 laps driven around the circuit. With some of the most famous corners, such as Eau Rogue, it’s one of the fans’ and drivers’ favorites.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

What’s the Most Number of Laps in a Single F1 Race

The most number of laps in a single Formula One race is, again, Monte Carlo. With its privileged status in the racing calendar, the Monaco GP is the owner of the shortest single lap distance, as well as the shortest F1 race distance.