40 Intriguing Artificial Intelligence Statistics

Do you remember the Steven Spielberg movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence?

We might not yet be in the 22nd century and little robot boys craving a family still seem a too distant reality.


Artificial Intelligence is very much real and it seems to be taking over the world by storm. Even though you might not notice, AI is everywhere around you already. 

We have prepared some mind-blowing artificial intelligence statistics for you:

The Most Impressive AI Stats (Editor’s Choice)

  • By the year 2025, it’s expected this to be a $190 billion business.
  • Reducing costs forced 63% of businesses to implement AI.
  • The artificial intelligence growth is more than 150%.
  • 83% of companies say AI is their strategic priority for the future.
  • 95% of business executives who claim to solve problems use the help of artificial intelligence.
  • US workers face the highest risk of implementing AI. 38% of them might lose their job by 2030.
  • AI factory stats claim that by 2025, 9% of the new jobs might be taken by robots and AI led software.
  • 84% of companies think that implementing AI will give them an advantage in front of the competition.
  • 79% of executives are sure that this will make their jobs easier.
  • Artificial intelligence data scares 77% of business owners who think this will jeopardize the way they do business.

Most Important AI Statistics

1. The birth of AI is between 1940 and 1950.

This might sound unbelievable, but the idea for creating an artificial computer brain was born during the Second World War. A group of scientists researcher artificial intelligence engineering facts and tried to do something like this. Unfortunately, the technology still wasn’t developed enough back then.


2. The World first witnessed the power of AI in 1997.

On May 11th, 1997, around 74 million people watched a chess match over the internet. The current uses of artificial intelligence were enough to impress the world but were not enough to beat Garry Kasparov, the world chess champion at the time. The computer was made by IBM and was able to do 200.000.000 moves per second as the AI stats recorded.


3. In 2016 the AI market reached $8 billion.

When the software hit the free market, everyone wanted a piece of it. The facts about artificial intelligence recorded that the market was worth $8 billion at the time. 

(The New York Times)

4. The AI jobs in the US statistics saw a rise of 29% last year.

Last year, the AI growth was 29%. Two years ago this number was impressive – 58%. However, the future of AI according to statistics seems pretty bright.

(Enterprisers Project)

5. The average salary in this industry is around $125.000.

Statistics on artificial intelligence from Mercer tell us that the highest average pay in the AI sector is $142.858, However, most of them are around $125.000. This trend will surely continue as the demand for workers in these fields is always high.


6. Deep Learning can account for up to $5.8 trillion annually.

The AI facts show that the part of the artificial intelligence called deep learning is the most advanced part of the technology. It can account for $3.5 up to $5.8 billion annually. 


7. New York and San Francisco are the Mecca of AI jobs.

The cities who offer the highest paid jobs are New York and San Francisco. The stats on artificial intelligence jobs say that there are plenty of opportunities in New York because there are lots of business operations. On the other hand, San Francisco is the city where giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are based. 

(Enterprisers Project)

8. 40% of companies create jobs for AI, various statistics about artificial intelligence show.

More articles talk about the growth of job opportunities being directly connected to artificial intelligence. A research done by Dun & Bradstreet says that 40% of the companies implementing AI created new jobs and hired more people. Only 8% had to cut people off. So is AI a good thing? Statistics say yes!

(PR NewsWire)

9. Around 7.000 AI jobs in the US are open at the moment.

According to UiPath, there are 7000 jobs available for experts in the field in the USA. However, China will always be the leader, artificial intelligence growth stats show. They currently have 12.000 openings.


10. By 2022 it’s expected to have 122 million new jobs thanks to the AI output statistics.

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2022, around 122 million new jobs will be created thanks to the rise of AI. At the same time, AI statistics predict 75 million job positions will be removed. This shows that people will need to update their knowledge and skills.

(World Economic Forum)

11. AI and machine learning contribute most to the 1.9% revenue growth of the technological industries.

The overall growth of 1.9% of technological industries is directly connected to AI. There is a predicted rise of job output of 120%. On top of everything, the AI tech stats say that it is going to help the industry get an amazing 295.88% rise in market value.


12. By 2030, the AI stats say the industry will contribute $15.7 trillion to the world economy.

The estimates predict that if the current flows continue, the contribution of AI to the world economy will be almost $16 billion.


13. AI industry statistics show that by 2030 it will raise the GDP of entire North America by 14%.

The same survey says that all artificial intelligence statistics and machine learning statistics predict a rise in the entire GDP of North America by the impressive 14%.


14. Around 120 million people will need to retrain to adapt.

As the AI in the workforce statistics predicts, around 120 million people will need to retrain themselves if they want to keep working.


Artificial Intelligence Statistics - Artificial Intelligence Concept

AI Fun Facts

15. The autonomous cars market is worth $127 billion and it wouldn’t be worth a dime if it wasn’t for AI.

The autonomous vehicle market that’s worth around $127 billion is deeply connected to the AI. All facts about AI say that this industry will prosper as time passes. It is obvious that the state of artificial intelligence has a bright future in this industry too.

(The Motley Fool)

16. Alexa holds 70% of the smart speaker market.

Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant is using its own AI technology to work. The artificial intelligence facts t show that it is currently holding around 70% of the market. It is expected to reach $10 billion in revenue by the end of 2019. 

(The Motley Fool)

17. AI might create robot soldiers in the future.

One of the most interesting facts about artificial intelligence and at the same time one of the scariest is that some companies and governments are already working on creating autonomous weapons. 

Yeah, we’d rather cute robot boys wanting love and peace.

Elon Musk warned several times that officials have to be careful. The Russian weapon creator Kalashnikov officially announced that they are working such weapons. Add to the story that AI virus cyber security statistics show that get into a cyberwar controlled by evil generals, just like in the movies… and count us slightly worried.

(The Motley Fool)

18. AI proved Stephen Hawking wrong.

One of the smartest humans that ever lived, Stephen Hawking, predicted that only the upper class will benefit from the rise of AI. However, he was wrong. There are statistics of AI taking over factory jobs in the US are true. At the same time, AI is creating new ones too. That makes 1-0 for AI against humans.

(The Guardian)

19. AI-driven supercomputer located Osama Bin Laden within 200km.

One of the most amazing facts about artificial intelligence is that a supercomputer driven by force of AI managed to locate the greatest terrorist of all time. The supercomputer Nautilus managed to create an algorithm that predicted where Bin Laden was. It is also capable of predicting the future based on facts that the artificial intelligence processor has deemed valuable.

(Mobile App Daily)

20. The average AI bot is female.

You probably noticed that almost all voice bots driven by AI are female. It’s not among the most interesting facts about AI but it definitely deserves a spot here. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant all have female voices. Research showed that it’s more pleasant to hear a woman’s voice instead of man’s.

(Mobile App Daily)

21. AI-driven robots are now a part of journalism.

While digging for AI robots statistics we were delighted to find that AI is also part of modern-day journalism. An article in the Los Angeles Times was completely written by an AI. It also added pictures. The facts on artificial intelligence say that in the future robots will write horror and crime novels. 


22. The ads on social networks you see are suggested by AI.

AI data recognition stats include the behavior of people on social networks. The system follows your behavior, what you click, see, like, and share. Based on this, the software then decides what to show you.

(Mobile App Daily)

23. AI robots can heal themselves.

The Vrije University in Brussels, Belgium, claims that in the future, AIs will be indestructible. Even though the system can’t see if something is damaged or broken, it can check its statistics about AI performance and understand that something’s wrong. In just a split second, there will be a solution available and then the robot will take action.

(Vrije University)

Artificial Intelligence Statistics - robot

Most Notable Statistics of AI Use

24. At the moment, 85% of customer service is done by AI.

It’s not a surprise that this industry is almost completely taken over. The AI customer service statistics show that companies have almost completely switched to this option. The predictions are that by the beginning of 2030, customer service will be completely AI controlled globally.


25. 63% of companies who have or will be installing AI are doing it reduces costs.

Reducing costs is one of the most important issues for all growing companies. 63% of them say that they have or will be installing AI services. The statistics of AI use say that they can significantly lower their expenses this way.


26. In 54% of companies AI already boosted productivity.

AI influence statistics show that in more than half of the companies that implemented the use of AI, saw a jump in productivity at 40%. 


27. By the year 2025, 16% of the jobs will be taken over by AI.

By 2026, around 16% of the US jobs will be completely replaced by AI. The AI taking jobs stats done by Forrester say that almost all of them will be taken away from people working in offices and the administration.


28. 84% of companies say AI gave them a competitive advantage.

The race for the top position in the business is bloody. Even though there are many statistics against AI, company owners and CEOs can only see benefits. 84% of them say AI gave them an advantage in the race against the competition.


29. 75% of companies see an opportunity to grow in other business fields by using AI.

Around 75% of company owners say that they are now ready to move into other business fields after seeing what statistics related to AI is showing them.


30. 72% of business decision-makers say AI makes people focus on more important matters.

Considering brain facts, workers need to know important facts about artificial intelligence to be able to work with it. They will handle the AI, while the AI will mind the little things. At least 72% of business decision-makers think that is a successful strategy.


31. 47% of business executives think that it’s impossible to integrate AI with their way of working.

This probably won’t be relevant in the near future, but now, almost half of business owners see the implementation as a part of the harmful AI statistics. They say that their way of working isn’t suitable for AI integrations.


32. 51% of business saw AI enhance their product’s features, functions, and performance.

At least half of those who already implemented AI saw their products become better. For example, the AI medicine statistics showed that machines using it can diagnose pulmonary Tuberculosis with 95% sensitivity and 100% specificity. Those are some spectacular benefits of AI in the healthcare stats show.


33. Artificial intelligence in the financial industry facts says 60% of companies raised their revenue because of it.

Way more than half of the firms in the financial sector say that they raised their revenue because of AI. Same artificial intelligence stats show that 47% say the AI helped them to achieve better customer service, which eventually leads to more revenue.


34. Successful companies are 12 times more likely to see and use AI.

Interesting AI development statistics show that successful companies can recognize a chance. They are 12 times more likely to use AI  than those who are not as successful.


35. Artificial intelligence facts and figures predict data sources to raise 61% by 2025.

The shocking AI facts predict that the available information on the internet will reach an astonishing number of 175 zettabytes by 2025. Without AI, we can’t even write down this number.


36. By 2021, 80% of new companies will have AI support.

Based on research done by Gartner and their artificial intelligence statistics, the new firms hitting the market will be backed by AI foundations.


37. AI is completely removing antivirus programs.

Research by SentinelOne says that antivirus programs are useless 90% of the time. AI virus cyber security statistics show that the artificial intelligence industry is going to take over this business completely.


38. AI will completely shut down recreational hackers.

The AI safety statistics show that unlike antivirus programs, they can prevent suspicious software behavior. The AI hacking statistics and knowledge can act in less than a second and prevent a hacker from doing damage.


39. 85% of companies still haven’t implemented AI in their security systems.

AI cyber security statistics show that without the proper security, hackers can easily intrude inside. However, more than 8 of 10 companies still haven’t installed AI security systems. 


40. AI is already being used as a weapon.

This is one of the most shocking statistics about artificial intelligence. In Israel and South Korea, there’s a robotic gun called SGR-A1 currently in use. It is programmed to kill without human interaction, by its own choice.

Brb, hiding underneath the sofa.


In this article, we’ve seen a great number of artificial intelligence statistics that make the prospect look amazing. At the same time, we saw some artificial intelligence statistics that are not in our favor. 

Cute robot boys that like humanity >>> guns that kill people on a whim.

All predictions say that AI is coming in strong and very soon its influence will be everywhere around us. 

We can only wait and see what the future holds.


What is statistical AI?

Statistical or probabilistic AI is the data that AI computers use to be aware of everything that has or might happen. Combining it with the rational AI it can provide some magnificent results. The statistics about artificial intelligence in the workplace show that combining these two can be highly beneficial.

What percentage of businesses use AI?

The artificial intelligence stats of 2019 show that only 23% of businesses are using it.

What are some examples of artificial intelligence?

The most common and widely known example is smartphones. The artificial intelligence assistant statistics show that 42% of people use theirs on a monthly level.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of AI?

According to artificial intelligence statistics, the main disadvantage is that it costs a lot of people their jobs. Some of the biggest advantages are connected with the medicine. The AI healthcare statistics show improvement in detecting certain conditions and diseases because of AI use.